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Vedic horoscope birth chart analysis or analysis offered by our world-renowned and experienced Vedic astrologer is one of the basic and crucial services. Astrological birth chart analysis solutions and suggestions for extending and making accurate astrological predictions, Vedic astrology is considered of paramount importance. This webpage is exclusively written to provide detailed and very useful information about the Birth Chart Analysis by Vedic Astrology, and services extended by our highly erudite, globally renowned, and innovative astrologer of India, in connection with this chart.

Astrology birth chart birth chart, or Janmakundali, or what is known as Vedic horoscope. Since ancient times, the astrological birth chart and native of things successfully in various spheres of life possible is being used to predict events (whose horoscope is being analyzed). Thus, the horoscope is definitely important to get information about things of life, a great and unique instrument.

A person's birth chart at the time of birth of the individual specific astrological houses and shows the exact position of all the planets in zodiacal signs. This chart reveals things and different walks of life associated with native forms the basis for prediction.

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Predictions by S.k tantrik

Vedic horoscope each of the twelve houses and some areas of life, especially with things related. The list below are associated with each of the astrological houses, which shows the main and major areas:

  • House-1: Self-Image
  • House-2: Self-Worth and Money
  • House-3: Environment and communications
  • House-4: Family, Home, Roots, and Security
  • House-5: Self-Expression, Creativity, Pleasure, and Romance
  • House-6: Work and Health
  • House-7: Partnership and Marriage
  • House-8: Transformation and Sexuality
  • House-9: Belief Systems, Higher Learning, and Travels
  • House-10: Career/Profession, Responsibility, Reputation, and Standing
  • House-11: Aspirations & Personal Goals, Groups, and Gains
  • House-12: Soul Growth & Undoing, Privacy, and Secrets

Specific planet (s) and any home any appearance of certain zodiac sign, collectively associated with that house things of life influence. Moreover, the good and bad effects of various planets on any certain house, also affect matters associated with the home. Movement of the planets, the horoscope yoga presence of something good or bad things in different areas of life and to influence events. Thus, a person's birth chart comprehensive overview and expert analysis of his / her person during the lifetime of the most important areas of life reveals the true state of things.

The flawless and fully reliable birth chart predictions by ankit sharma, have been helping people of the world over immensely in making their lives better, happier, and safer, for over a decade. Essentially these predictions etc. with the related fields of health, education, career / business, marriage, money, family, family, relationship with individual strengths and weaknesses, achievements in life, social and economic conditions, the including .

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